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Websites for Car Repair Tips

Car repairs can often be expensive so it is useful to know whether you can fix it yourself if something goes wrong with your car. Rather than reading through car manuals, there are now many websites available which offer repair tips and may include video tutorials. If you’re considering a DIY car repair then it is definitely worth looking at these websites first.

Carsprays offers a range of hints and tips for dealing with repairs to paint or the bodywork of a car. The repairs that are covered by the site include rust removal, dents, stone chip damage and scratches. The site includes helpful photos and repairs are broken down into easy to follow steps. There is also a community section where users can pass on their own useful repair tips.

This website may be better known for offering car insurance but they have now teamed up with Haynes manuals to offer a video guide to car repairs. It only deals with simple repairs and beginners will find it a useful starting point. The video can be viewed at

Letsfixit is a general repair website dealing with many areas. There is a comprehensive section which deals with car repairs such as bodywork damages and engine repairs. The guides are clear and easy to understand.