Good tools for a car enthusiasts

If you are a car enthusiast and you are going to work on your own vehicle, there are certain tools that you will need in order to do a job right. Here are some of the most essential tools that take up lease amount of garage space.

Heavy-duty screwdrivers

Car enthusiasts used to manage with a couple of regular-sized screwdrivers, but not today. Modern cars consist of specialty screw heads and require dedicated screwdrivers rather than universal magnetic ones. To get the job done right, it is best to carry both of these tools but most hardware shops also sell dedicated models that come in replaceable tip assortment. You can find out more about the types of tools you need by visiting this website.


When a novice mechanic wants to change pipes or work with connectors, pliers will be needed. Most mechanical jobs require the use of regular pliers. These essential tools must be included in every car owner’s toolbox.

LED flashlight

Being able to clearly see what the problem is with your car during the day or night is critical in order to diagnose and scope out which bolts need to be pulled. A good flashlight will come handy in emergency situations. An LED headlamp provides adequate light and gives you the freedom to work with both your hands. Find out the other essential tools that you may require for your car right here.

Wrench sets

Socket sets are some of the most essential automotive tools, but you can get away with just using an old wrench set. This tool comes handy in narrow spaces where you can’t use sockets or ratchets. When bolts and nuts require tightening, your torque wrench will be needed. Always make sure your toolbox includes a torque wrench as well as a display that shows pounds per inch. Every car enthusiast should have these tools in their garage. Use this automotive tool checklist to ensure you have all the right accessories for your car as shown on this website.


Most car owners know how indispensable ratcheting wrench and socket sets are. These auto repair tools are perfect for tightening and loosening bolts where regular wrenches are impractical to use. Make sure the socket set you are buying has both English and metric sockets. Spark-plug sockets must also be included in your toolbox and these should be around 1.5 inches. Spark plugs are highly essential tools but they must be accompanied with proper automotive accessories.