Good Equipment for Your Garage

Whether you have just become involved with car care or you are a seasoned mechanic with years of experience, it is obvious that your garage will need to possess some basic equipment. Of course, different vehicles will require different levels of attention. It is still a fact that there are some items that are considered to be “must-have” accessories for you to fully enjoy your automotive experience. As this list can be a bit confusing and often quite exhausting, let’s take the guesswork out by listing a few of the main tools that are vital.

Car Movers

It can be tough navigating around your vehicle within a cramped environment. The same holds true if you suddenly need to access its undercarriage (such as when changing the oil). One of the best and most cost-effective solutions are car movers. These clever devices will enable you to reach even the toughest of spots. More importantly, they provide a stable platform that is not often found with traditional vehicle jacks.

A Garage Hoist

Working on your car can be a very physical job. While changing out the spark plugs can be relatively easy, what would happen if you need to remove the engine block? Barring the use of a dozen strongmen, a garage hoist is the perfect option. A hoist can be mounted upon the floor although it is often found attached to an overhead beam to save space. Each is rated with a different load capacity. The hoist can be manually operated and it is a perfect accessory if you expect to do a good amount of heavy lifting.

A Secure Oil Storage Unit

Maintaining the purr of your engine requires regular work and much of this will revolve around changing oil and other fluids. This is when an oil storage unit comes in quite handy. Any fluid that is present on the floor can create dangerous conditions and environmental codes dictate that the oil needs to be stored properly. This can be as simple as a large 55-gallon drum or include a more advanced apparatus. Either way, this is another essential piece of equipment.

A Pneumatic Ratchet Set

Older vehicles may have nuts and bolts which are completely frozen with rust. This presents two problems. First, physically wrestling with these objects can be exhausting and time consuming. Secondly, a minor slip can cause a potentially painful injury. Whether you are changing an exhaust manifold or removing stubborn spark plugs, a pneumatically powered ratchet set will make quick work out of even the tightest nuts and bolts.

An Exhaust System

The carbon monoxide that is released from your engine is a very dangerous gas. Some have even died from overexposure. So, a properly installed exhaust system is absolutely critical to guarantee the safety of you, your friends and your family. These are normally quite easy to install and they can be manually activated any time that you expect the engine to be running.These are four must-have pieces of equipment necessary for your garage. As with any hobby, preparation is just as important as knowledge.